Born in San Jose, CA
Lives & works in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA



California State Univesity, East Bay


About the Artist
Born on December 4th, 1996, Daniel Aziz is a San Francisco-based photographer who places his primary focus on portrait and concert photography. Since he was a child, Daniel has always been intrigued by the idea of capturing moments through his life. His interest in photography begun at the age of six years old when he received his first disposable camera. From there he acquired a strong interest in photography and had begun practicing it regularly. 
Daniel currently studies at California State University East Bay with a major in Communication in Media Production and a minor in Photography. In his short time in college, he has done a handful of freelance for many companies and organizations including the Oakland Raiders, OurTV, DOM Gallery, TrapxArt, and many music artists.  After college Daniel wishes to pursue a career in photojournalism and travel the world.


Tony Rodriguez- Head photographer of the Oakland Raiders

Leonard Stephens - Owner of OurTV and Vice President of the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce

2020, Daniel Aziz

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